How do I know Hammersmith Labs products are safe?

All Hammersmith Labs products are manufactured for safety in a fully temperature-controlled facility that ensures purity and accuracy of materials through inspection and evaluation at every step of production and packaging. Product purity is verified through independent 3rd party analysis. With a strong commitment to meet or exceed U.S. Government regulations, Hammersmith Labs maintains Pharmaceutical Standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP´s) throughout all operations.

Our processing & packaging equipment is the most state-of-the-art and technologically advanced equipment available on the market today. Computer controls ensure the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

**Special note: As with any dietary supplement, exceeding recommended dosage or not following directions can lead to unwanted effects. ALWAYS consult with a certified physician before using this or any other product with which you are not familiar. By design, Hammersmith Labs products are to be used in conjunction with–not in place of–proper diet and exercise. We want you to be happy and healthy, but not at the sacrifice of responsibility.